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About Us

Learning Spanish started as a simple page to practice conjugations and thanks to some wonderful native Spanish speakers, who've very kindly volunteered their time, it has grown into a full website.

Our Main Team:

Juan Segura
Isaías Chango
Robinson Zacarias
José Barrientos
Wanda Embar
the Netherlands

We would like to thank the following people for their wonderful contributions to the website:

  • Antonio Osorio, Venezuela
  • Bárbara, Chile
  • Carlos Belisario Villarreal Maza, Mexico
  • César, Colombia
  • David Garcia, Colombia
  • Delta and Jonathan Sunza, Mexico
  • Evelin Goldberg, Argentina
  • Fernando and Soraya, Spain
  • Florencia Ferreira, Argentina
  • Iván Guevara, Ecuador
  • Jhon Alexander, Venezuela
  • Jossué González, Venezuela
  • Juan Tobon, Colombia
  • Maricela Calderon, Mexico
  • Mariseny, Venezuela
  • Maritza Rodriguez, Colombia
  • Miguel Rodriguez C., Colombia
  • Nicolás Montana, Colombia
  • Nuria Fernández, Spain
  • Pablo Gonzalez, Venezuela
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